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The International Meeting Place


Mary Virginia Swanson

Advisor to Emerging and Established Artists & Arts Organizations
M.V. Swanson & Associates, Tucson, AZ and New York, NY, USA

Mary Virginia Swanson is an advisor, author and educator who helps artists find the strength in their work, identify appreciative audiences, and present their work in an informed, professional manner. Swanson is a respected mentor who has guided countless photographers through the changes taking place in nearly every aspect of our industry, preparing them for new opportunities in today’s photography-rich culture. During her career, Swanson has worked in the fine art, documentary, photojournalism and licensing arenas, bringing vast experience in multiple markets to photographers who choose to have a review with her.

Swanson co-authored with Darius Himes the acclaimed Publish Your Photography Book: Revised & Updated (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014). Swanson is known for staying current in today’s diverse marketplace for photographs. Her current book project is Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs (2017), a major update to her earlier title Business of Photography: Principles and Practices (2011).

At The Meeting Place, Swanson is happy to meet with photographers working in any genre who would welcome a dialogue about reaching appropriate and appreciative audiences for their work, paths to funding long-term projects, and more.

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The International Meeting Place

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