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The International Meeting Place


Peggy Sue Amison

Artistic Director
East Wing, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

East Wing is an international platform for photography based in Dubai, UAE. As Artistic Director, Peggy Sue Amison is curator, strategist, and mentor. She has collaborated independently with numerous photographers, festivals, and publications to produce exhibitions and other photographic events in Dubai, Ireland, Berlin, Poland, Denmark, and China. Peggy has also written for various international photographic publications and artist catalogues.

In all areas of her practice, Peggy Sue works to seek out synergies between artists and professional organizations, helping to support the development of an artist’s professional practice. She has been an invited speaker, juror, and critic at numerous meeting places for photography, and was board member for the Belfast Photo Festival in Northern Ireland from 2012 — 2016. Peggy also consults for the artist residency program PICTURE BERLIN in Germany.

East Wing prides itself on working with artists from around the world who contribute to raising important dialogues in photography, investigating subjects ranging from science and the environment to contemporary criticism and issues of cultural identity.

For this Meeting Place review, Peggy Sue is interested in seeing developing or finished projects that have been deeply researched with an innovative point of view. She is not interested in viewing commercial works, nudes, or fashion.

Session One

The International Meeting Place

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