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Station Museum of Contemporary Art

February 03, 2018 - April 22, 2018


Mel Chin, Pao Houa Her, Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung,Miao Jia Xin, Hung Liu, Laurel Nakadate, Zeus Paredes, Judy Shintani, Lien Truong, Dan S. Wang, Hồng-Ân Trương, Hương Ngô, and featuring Black Lunch Table

RECEPTION: Sat, February 03, 2018, 7pm-10pm
PERFORMANCR: Sun, February 4, 2018
Featuring: The Black Lunch Table (BLT), an oral-history archiving project and an ongoing collaboration between North Carolina-based professor and artist Jina Valentine, and New York-based artist Heather Hart. The BLT's primary aim is the production of discursive sites, wherein cultural producers engage in dialogue on a variety of critical issues. BLT mobilizes a democratic rewriting of contemporary cultural history by animating discourse around and among the people living it.

Station Museum of Contemporary Art

1502 Alabama St.
Houston 77004
PHONE: (713) 529-6900

Wed- Sun 11am- 6pm

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