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FotoFest Exhibitions

INDIA/Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art

Sandip Kuriakose (Delhi, India), Interested, 2017. From the series NPNR. Courtesy of the artist

The focus of the FotoFest 2018 Biennial is India, a nation of more than 1.3 billion people and the world’s largest democracy.


The exhibition features 47 leading or emerging photographic and new media artists of Indian origin, working both in India and in the global diaspora. Exhibited in four Houston venues, including three restored industrial buildings in the Washington Avenue Arts District and a new collaboration with Asia Society Texas Center, the exhibition is ambitious, presenting a diverse range of approaches and ideas.

Organized by Lead Curator Sunil Gupta and FotoFest Executive Director Steven Evans, INDIA/ Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art addresses issues as varied as caste and class, gender and sexuality, activism and conflict, racism, religion, nationalism, new technologies and development, the environment, human settlement, migration, and integration.. The exhibition is merely one component of FotoFest’s 2018 India program, which also includes a hardcover book co-published by FotoFest and Schilt Publishing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; a two-day symposium; public conversations with curators and artists; a program of films from India; literary events; culinary programs; and a special curriculum for K-12 students and family learning activities developed by FotoFest’s learning program, Literacy Through Photography.


Indu Antony (Bangalore, India)
Pablo Bartholomew (Delhi, India)
Atul Bhalla (Delhi, India)
Mohini Chandra (Fiji/UK/Australia)
Sheba Chhachhi (Ethiopia/Delhi, India)
Serena Chopra (Delhi, India)
Tenzing Dakpa (Delhi, India)
Sarindar Dhaliwal (Canada/Mumbai, India)
Anita Dube (Delhi, India)
Gauri Gill (Delhi, India)
Chandan Gomes (Delhi, India)
Shilpa Gupta (Mumbai, India)
Shivani Gupta (Goa, India)
Vinit Gupta (Delhi, India)
Apoorva Guptay (Mumbai, India)
Abhishek Hazra (Bangalore, India)
Sohrab Hura (Delhi, India)
Manoj Kumar Jain (Delhi, India)
Samar Singh Jodha (Dubai, UAE)
Ranbir Kaleka (Delhi, India)
Rashmi Kaleka (Delhi, India)
Max Kandhola (Birmingham, UK)
Roshini Kempadoo (UK/Guyana)
Asif Khan (Delhi, India)

Anita Khemka and Imran B. Kokiloo (Delhi, India)
Sandip Kuriakose (Delhi, India)
Dhruv Malhotra (Delhi, India)
Arun Vijai Mathavan (Ahmedabad, India)
Annu Palakunnathu Matthew (UK/USA)
Uzma Mohsin (Delhi, India)
Nandini Valli Muthiah (Chennai, India)
Pushpamala N. (Bangalore, India)
Dileep Prakash (Delhi, India)
Ram Rahman (Delhi, India)
Raqs Media Collective (Delhi, India)
Anoop Ray (Delhi, India)
Vicky Roy (Delhi, India)
Vidisha Saini (Delhi, India)
Hemant Sareen (Delhi, India)
Gigi Scaria (Delhi, India)
Mithu Sen (Delhi, India)
Rishi Singhal (Gandhinagar, India)
Leila Sujir (Montréal, Canada)
Ishan Tankha (Delhi, India)
Prince Varughese Thomas (Houston, USA)
Anusha Yadav (Mumbai, India)


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